RoyalPearalicious is a brand that offers each child a unique and elegant style and dress. It was founded by two Portuguese residents in Oporto in 2015.
The founders make a careful selection of fabrics and a production with the best 100% Portuguese quality.The motifs are designed theme by theme and all pieces have their story.
We can discover in each collection a new adventure.
May our adventure inspire you.

The style

RoyalPearalicious offers in each adventure two different lines for children from 2 to 10 years.
The special edition line consists of creating elegant pieces with very detailed details and unique for special occasions, without ever running out of comfort and functionality.
The casual line, which involves basic, practical and comfortable pieces that give each child a very personal style that characterizes it as unique.

Catarina Figueiredo
Susete Vieira

The college where they studied joined them throughout childhood and adolescence. Later, they went to university where they specialized in the same university course. Catarina and Susete, two physical education teachers, realized in day-to-day life in schools in permanent contact with children and adolescents, how important a child is to be dressed in a comfortable and functional way always keeping in mind the elegance of each piece.
They took advantage of the family company they have, with more than 40 years of experience in the creation of children’s clothing and used the know-how of modelers and dressmaker.
The adventure began…

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